In Search of Liberty (teaching with movies—free printable, and craft)

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Now and again my children and I put down the books and pick up an educational flick to freshen things up. It gives us a chance to gather as a family, kick up our feet, and discuss our thoughts. This is why I was excited when approached to conduct a review on the movie “In Search of Liberty“. It was a perfect opportunity to review some American History, learn some new information, and acknowledge “Constitution Week”.
The movie was educational, comprehensive, and entertaining. It had a “Back to the Future” feel; as the characters traveled back in time in order to witness how –  We The People -established  our rights. I loved that it was “Ben”, one of our most colorful founding fathers, that led a modern day family through history in his red Corvette.
“In Search of Liberty” Chronicles the foundation in which the Constitution came to be. Beginning with The Magna Carta, followed by The Declaration of Independence, and finally, our Country’s Constitution.
It had a lighthearted approach which allowed my eight year old and eleven year old to remain engaged. But it was also informative enough to keep my College Freshman interested, whom is currently taking American History.
While not all of the views expressed in the movie were that of my own. I appreciated the information and manner in which it was told. I feel it is a good addition to our “Educational Movie Library”.
Please find some of the activities we will be completing in our class below.
I chose to complete a worksheet on our three government branches: I’m making ours available HERE.
This is our completed “Branch of Government” worksheet.
We will also be documenting our own “Classroom Constitution” on Friday, before the final day of Constitution Week!
If you would like to have a patriotic recipe to celebrate Constitution Week, here is an easy, kid friendly, no bake dessert.


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