Christian Light Education (Math)

We use binders to organize our units.

As a family that homeschools multiple children of various ages, we’ve had quite a few math curriculums grace our dining room table  classroom. Each of them served their purpose over the years, but there is one I don’t think we’ll be replacing anytime soon, Christian Light Education; also known as Sunrise Math.
 The kids love it for it’s easy to follow lessons, challenging content, and precise instructions. I love it for the same reasons as my kiddos, the organized layout in each lesson, speed drills, quizzes and tests, and spiral approach. I also appreciate the teacher’s manual– we’ve used the suggested “board work” as reinforcement and there are additional tests in the manual in the event your child needs to retake a test. It isn’t necessary to purchase answer keys when buying the teacher’s manual.–the answers to every lesson, quiz, and test are included in that resource. 
Beginning in 1st grade each package includes 10 units, and within those units there are lessons. The amount of lessons vary depending on the grade and content. Currently,  in our “school” there are as little as 17 lessons in a unit and as many as 18. I have a 1st grader, 4th grader, and a 6th grader.
There are also speed drills for each lesson, two quizzes included in each unit, and a final test. This really takes some of the pressure off of building lessons for math with the appropriate resources.
*We’ve used “CLE reading”, which also has accompanying text books, with great success. I’ll review “CLE Reading” in the near future.
*Also, this week our youngest schooler started on  CLE Language Arts 1. We otherwise learn our grammar and mechanics through Rodd and Staff English, however, they do not begin their formal English lessons before the second grade. Having experienced such positive results in CLE Math and Reading, I decided to give  “CLE Language Arts 1” a shot. There will be a later post on that as well.
If you’re searching for a new math curriculum for your little ones,  Christian Light Education wins “The Modlin Seal of Approval”.
Happy planning!!

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