When Should My Child Be Able To…?

  In my 18 years of mothering six children, I’ve witnessed many milestones— too many to count, really. I’ve also spent a lot of those years in anticipation, waiting for my kids to get over the next hurdle. I’d often ask questions like, “When should my child be able to […]


  Two months have gone by, and I haven’t been able to write my feelings down worthy enough for a blog. It’s much easier to share a recipe or a birth story instead of a blog admitting to your trials. I have so many thoughts caged up inside this little […]

September 13th, 1999…..

Tomorrow my first born will be eighteen years old. As I type those words, I almost feel as if it isn’t true. Where did the days go?  It’s been eighteen whole years since the first moment I found love. Eighteen years from the day my life would change forever. Goodness, […]

Finding Purpose in the Simple Things

    It’s funny how the insignificant things surrounding us can have such significance. While every morning is a new beginning, I pretty much know what my day holds– there will be tantrums wrapped in a two year old body, meals will be prepared (several times a day), tears will […]

My Reflection

This week was one for the books in The Modlin Homestead. For the first time, our hens hatched a pair of chicks. All of my children were completely smitten with these babies and the entire experience. Even the two year old, we’ve affectionately named The Jalonator,  couldn’t stop the ooohs […]

Meal Planning. Does it work?

Nowadays I’ve found myself looking for ways to accomplish more than your average Joe without dropping the ball in another area. As most of you know, I’m a mom of six, a novice farmer, and we’re a homeschool family. Things can get pretty crazy really quickly around here, particularly surrounding […]

Our War Against Time…

My eight year old walked into the kitchen the other night and said, “Mom, did you know there are 8,760 hours in a year?” To which I replied, “Those are a lot of hours buddy!” He seemed confused by my response, and he quickly disagreed. “An entire year mom!! I […]

When You’re too Smart to be a Stay at Home Mom…

  I spent the first six years and four kids of my marriage as a working mom. Everytime we were expecting, my husband and I would agree that after the baby was born I would finally be a full time, stay at home mom. This is ultimately what my heart […]