3 Ways to Beat the Post Holiday Blues


Now that the new year is well underway, the Christmas trees are tucked away in the attic (with the exception of my own), and all that’s left of the holiday festivities are unwelcome extra pounds and new toys stuffed inside of bins that are busting at the seams. It’s no wonder “post holiday blues” are an actual thing. One day we’re singing carols in the aisles of Target, baking cookies, and strutting our Pinterest skills on a craft– and then just like that, it’s all over.
A couple of years ago I decided to stay ahead of those blues instead of waiting around for them. Months before I take down the last mistletoe and my kids are back to our school table, my children and I have already been busy thumbing through garden books and deciding which seeds we will be sowing for our spring harvest. Which brings me to my first and favorite way to beat those blues.
 1.  Plant a family garden – 
There’s something special about getting out of the house and into the dirt with your favorite people. It can be a lot of hard work, but in the end you’ll reap some tangible and edible rewards :). There are some very important points to be aware of for the first time Gardener.
Know your zone: we reside in South Florida, and our climate zone is 9. There are specific seasons to plant different kinds of vegetables. You can find out what your zone is HERE. You’ll be successful if you follow the planting guides for your particular climate. Once you know your zone, choose the seeds you’ll want to plant.
This is my favorite seed vault.
Choose the best location and place for your plants: I have some raised beds for my onions and potatoes, and a separate area for the rest of my veggies.
These are great first starter raised beds. I grew 28 cherry tomatoes plants in three of them, and an abundance of kale in another. Also, your garden should face South or South East avoiding the harsh sun set in the summer.

Fertilize: Choosing a good compost to start your seeds in is another pertinent part of growing your vegetables, healthy and quickly. Your local nursery will have some nice amended soil, but Wal-Mart has some great organic ones as well. And, while the smell isn’t pleasant this fertilizer works wonders.

You can start your garden just after Halloween, and begin to see the fruits of your labor after you and the kids put away the last stalking. There are also a many vegetables you can start up right now!
2.  Plan your “Family Valentine’s Day”
So, after celebrating, eating, and being in total bliss with your peeps, what better way to fight off those pesky blues then to keep the party going? The first weekend following new years, the kids and I hit up the dollar section in Target and pick up all things pink and red to decorate our house. They also get to choose Valentines for their friends. During this time stores have the best selection since it was just put on the shelves. We’re a homeschool family, but we’re also a part of a couple of groups where they get to exchange those cute cards and boxed hearts. On Valentine’s day we all enjoy a nice dinner and exchange small gifts. It’s something we look forward to every year.
3.  And finally, go on a staycation 
 I think there’s a common trend during the holidays and it’s the fact that we all spend an obscene amount of money. So, I’m reluctant to suggest this next and last way to beat the holiday blues, but as a family of 8 I’m no stranger to being creative when planning a short getaway while staying within our budget. Staycations can really take you out of the mundane while giving you and your family quality time.
Camping at a local state park or driving a few hours away to a place you’ve never visited within your state can be a great way to start off the new year. For Floridians that can mean staying on the beach. We love the beach! But life gets in the way of things and often times the things that make the place you live great can be overlooked. Taking snacks, drinks, and planning your meals ahead can help offset some of the cost as well.
What are some of your “Post Holiday Traditions” to keep the party going??

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